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Why Is It So Difficult to Find Salesforce Experts?

As of July 2021, it's estimated that there are 76,868 Salesforce Certified Professionals who have in total 253,283 current Salesforce Certificates and reside in 112 different countries. Of the 76,868 Salesforce Certified Professionals, 33,000 reside in the USA.

If you don't know how to analyze a candidate's relevant ability, it can be difficult and time-consuming to identify and contact someone who is a solid all-around fit for the team. In a competitive market with a large number of candidates, spending too much time looking for the appropriate talent might cost money and cause stress.

For the eighth consecutive year, Salesforce has been ranked the #1 CRM provider by International Data Corporation (IDC) in its latest Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker.

Salesforce continues to grow its overall market share position and increase revenue year after year, contributing to its #1 ranking.

Additionally, the data shows Salesforce with leading market share in IDC’s segments for sales applications, customer service applications, marketing applications, model-driven application platforms, and enterprise community applications.

At Saba we specialize in Salesforce consulting and recruitment and dive further into the capabilities and best practices of the platform's many sectors. We evaluate applicants not just on their technical skills, but also on their overall and long-term fit, as well as the influence they've had on their businesses. We're pleased about the developing network of solid ties and partnerships as the ecosystem expands.

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