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Salesforce security specialist releases cloud visibility report

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

FairWarning’s Cloud Visibility Report was designed to provide insights into users’ activity in the cloud, using data from nearly 50 companies monitoring over 18,000 users.

Key findings include:

  • Among businesses monitoring for security, 36 percent are focusing on export activity, 22 percent on report activity and 19 percent on login activity.

  • API access and changes to security controls (e.g., whitelisting IP ranges or changing password policies) are emerging areas in security monitoring.

  • Twenty-seven percent of organizations focused on usage and adoption monitor the creation of objects as well as “top user” activity.

  • Performance-related monitoring is primarily focused around login status (i.e., failed/successful logins), with Visualforce page and Apex event monitoring growing as organizations find value in demonstrating and improving development ROI.

Salesforce Security Options

Salesforce Health Check is a thorough health check software that allows you to uncover potential security issues in your Salesforce org instance. You may run the check as a Salesforce Baseline or configure it to be as strict as you need it to be. The evaluation would give you a score and a thorough list of all the settings you'll need to check and correct as needed.

Within the Salesforce ecosystem, Event Monitoring can track a variety of events and allows you to browse, filter, and download event logs using a web interface called the Event Log File (ELF) Browser. To go through the event data, you could use cURL or Python, or you could use your preferred monitoring system, such as Splunk, to view it.

Using IP range limits, Salesforce allows you to limit your users' access to your org instance to your business network or VPN. Set up designated hours for usage and session-specific settings for logged-in users using this feature, which includes a high-assurance level of security for critical activities like certificate management and auth providers.

For more information set up a consultation with the team here at Saba to learn more.

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